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You won't be in the dark anymore relying on others to tell you what's wrong or how to fix it

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Break your dependency on programmers or IT support to get 404's fixed quickly and correctly



Fix your inbound broken links or apply 301 redirects as fast as you can copy and paste

Why 404's are the WORST:

Instant SEO Boost

Easily find and fix tricky 404/301 errors easily and watch your search engine performance improvements in real time!
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Our intuitive interface will make you a 404 hunter in the first ten minutes. We steer you to the most impactful things to fix first, but we also give you the tools to do your own exploration. And our real-time graphs show you the fruits of your labor almost immediately so you don't have to wait for the next report from Google or your SEO agency!

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Laughably Inexpensive

You will recoup your subscription price each month the very first hour we save you in time!


$ 25 / MO.

  • 404 Detect & Redirect
  • Extensive Built-In Reports
  • 404 Monitoring and Alerting
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$ 35 / MO.

paid annually
  • Power-User Features & Reports
  • Automated Redirect Management
  • Artificial Intelligence 301's
  • Multiple Domain Upgrade Available
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$ 45 / MO.

paid annually
  • Multiple Domains & Administrators
  • High-Traffic Server Capacities
  • Priority Support Options
  • Custom Development Assistance
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